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Adeline Farm Community Project offers facilities to the disabled, people with learning difficulties, and other groups in the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire area. Here they enjoy a taste of the countryside by growing their own produce, engaging in environmental projects or participating in anything that has an agricultural bearing.
We work with nature ~ without the use of artificial chemicals ~ and aim to create an inspirational safe-haven that is therapeutic, educational and uplifting to all who participate
Adeline Farm is an ideal place to teach. Groups may learn about a wide range of crops ~ what goes into sowing, planting, harvesting and marketing ~ and farm management. They can also be taught about soil fertility (maintaining the soil by natural means), natural pest control, biodiversity and the seaonality of veg ~ all of which is important for sustainability.
Individuals can experience the joy of the countryside by developing skills, confidence and self-esteem through a hands-on approach to growing.
The main area is an open field site surrounded by old established hedgerows and trees, which provide a wonderful source of wildlife study. A woodland, pond and spring provide a perfect place to study wildlife habitats. Wildlife is abundant ~ buzzards, sparrow hawks, kestrels, robins, mice, moles, pond skaters, common boatman ~ to name a few.
The whole of Adeline Farm is run to maximize biodiversity and to work in harmony with nature.
Adeline Farm Community Project
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